In 1968, at the age of 16, I received my Novice License, WN4IUH. Later that year I upgraded to a General Class License, WB4IUH. Shortly thereafter, I upgraded again to an Advanced License. My call sign changed to KC4RI in January 1981.

HF Equipment

Rig 1 - TAPR HPSDR Software Defined Radio and Ameritron ALS600 Amplifier
Rig 2- Drake TR7 Transceiver with Drake L75 Amplifier

HF Antennas

Cushcraft R7 Vertical Antenna for 40-10 meters

VHF Equipment

TAPR HPSDR Software Defined Radio
Homebrew 9 Band Transverter Switcher
DEMI Transverters for 144MHz and 432 MHz

VHF Antennas

Cushcraft – 2 Meter 11 Element Beam
Gulf Alpha -70cm 8 Element Crossed Yagi
Arrow 144/432 Satellite Antenna
Elk 144-432 Log Periodic Satellite Antenna


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